Webflow Masterclass – Ran Segall


How To Go From Pixel Perfect Designto Pixel Perfect Website in hours, Not Weeks


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Webflow Masterclass – Ran Segall


4 Years ago I discovered Webflow.

Webflow is a tool that help you β€œcode” your websites like any pro developer would…

But without writing ANY code.

This means you can literally do anything! Achieve any layout, interaction or customisation.

When I discovered Webflow and gave it a try, my first reaction was to write an emails to my colleagues saying: β€œOMG. I just built the website we’ve been working on for a week in less than an hour”.

(And that’s not to mention the money I saved on developers… or the stress I suddenly found myself without).

And now, 4 years later, I can easily say that Webflow changed my life.

With it, I transformed my design career.

I went from earning just $35,000 per year working 12 hours per day…

To now earning over $300,000 while actually ENJOYING the process of designing, building and delivering websites to my clients.



What You’ll Learn Inside Webflow Masterclass


  • How to convert your Sketch / Adobe XD designs to fully functional responsive websites.
  • How to create complex layouts & interactions.
  • How to sell Webflow websites to your clients (and explain the benefits over WordPress).
  • The EXACT steps I took to finish a website in 3 hours and make $1k per hour.
  • How to handoff your websites to your clients in a way that makes them LOVE and THANK you.
  • How to create multilingual websites.
  • How to use any font you’d like on your website.
  • How to add awesome effects to your website with custom JS code you find on the web.
  • How to set up an amazing CMS (content management system) your clients would LOVE.
  • How to manage SEO on your websites.



Webflow Masterclass | What You Get

Everything necessary to allow you to build custom design websites independently & profitably


Ran Segall - Webflow Masterclass



Full video training β€œThe Webflow masterclass: From design to live website in hours”

(44 videos, and growing!)


Module 1: Getting Started With Webflow

How to get started, even if you have no experience with Webflow, HTML/CSS or designing for the web.


Module 2: Structuring & Styling Principles

Learn the way I think about building and styling in Webflow to make my process super efficient (hint – it’s not a standard BEM system)


Module 3: Process Examples

See how I work step by step, with real client work examples.


Module 4: Content Management System – CMS

How to work with Webflow’s powerful CMS (and work around current limitations)


Module 5: Finalising & Delivering Websites

Everything you need to do after the website is built to make sure your clients are happy, and the website is live.


Module 6: Selling Webflow to clients

How to understand you client’s concerns and explain the benefits of working with Webflow.


Module 7: Advanced Interactions

How to create a WOW effect to your website, without a sweat: scroll effects, popups and more.


Module 8: Advanced Webflow Usecases

How to extend Webflow beyond the normal use cases: adding code, prototyping products and building multi-language websites.


Webflow Masterclass – Ran Segall​

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Webflow Masterclass - Ran Segall